The Founder

Juergen Clauss, born in 1961, is the founder
and general manager of Clauss Schleiftechnik
GmbH (Ltd). Mr. Clauss was first trained as
an industry sales manager and later as a steel
form builder (with honors). With a master's
degree as a machine builder/mechanic,
Mr. Clauss founded his company in November
of 1989. His company's mission statement is to
provide and manufacture highly technical and
precise grinding of components for tool and
building equipment.

The Building

In 1992 the company moved its headquarters
from Winterbach to a new building in Alfdorf-Brech,
There is also convenient housing in this building
for the general manager. Living and working in one
location with a pleasant environment is possible;
in fact, this is the reason Mr. Clauss arranged for
this highly flexible, time saving concept. This not
only is a great advantage to the general manager,
but also benefits the consumer with high quality
workmanship and cost effectiveness.